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Animal Communicator in Northampton MA


Consider Talking to Your Animals!

Zan Ottaway

I'm coming with you! Obviously.

Pets and Spirits


They Say...

She said, "Don't try this with a jaguar at home!"

The Dog Says...

Does someone have a message for you from the other side? Ask me!


Animals may have something to say to you or you them! I created this website, "Pets and Spirits", to reach people and help them communicate with their animal companions. We assist in healing, too. Please see my Criteria page if interested.

All species welcome. Most of my experience is with cats and dogs but also rabbits, horses and I keep meeting more species. Rescues free.

Has your pet gone missing? Here is some very common sense advice:

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The Cat Says...

Zan Ottaway

Pet Whisperer