Although most of my work is by phone, in-person sessions can be arranged within a 50 mile radius of Northampton MA. For Pet Readings I will need to see your animals' name, photo and current age. Please let me know your time-zone, too.

Has your pet gone missing? Here is some very common sense advice:

Pets and Spirits


Deborah E.

Zan helped to create a space for us that felt quiet, calm and connected, facilitating my ability to focus in on Suki and my relationship with her...
I  tend to worry about her health and other issues between her and I, and this session with Zan felt reassuring, and provided time for me to learn something about myself and Suki, on another level.  This helped me to see my relationship with her in a different way, feeling lighter yet with a deeper bond.

Eric Tackeff

Zan is a skillful animal communicator.  Her gentle presence seemed to quickly bridge the communication gap between my 18 year ld cat and me.  Zan was able to shed light on what was causing her to meow so frequently.  Life at home is more peaceful now. I highly recommend Zan to anyone who needs help understanding their furry friends.

Gigi G.

Mary James is making deep and meaningful changes that keep unfolding after the session. While maintaining her 'outside the lines' personality she is finding a new normal and some much needed peace. Thanks Alexandra!

Arnie Rosen

It was an incredibly thorough, compassionate and informative reading. It really  helped me gain insight about our situation on several issues. I felt a very deep connection and  loving bond with Star(our cat) throughout reading. The  health scan was also  extremely helpful. Thank you again for your compassion and generosity and sharing your great gift.


Just call or Skype me and our session

will unfold in three parts:

1) We settle in,  ask permission

and get to know your animal(s).

2) We address any behavioral issues

that might be concerning.

3) We do a body scan and Energy Healing.

(We close with positive affirmations,

thank your pet for chatting with us

and if you wish I will check back

in a few days by email. )

ASPCA hotline: 877-GRIEF-10

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Animal Communicator Behaviorist | Medium 

Rescues Free

Pet or Medium Reading $30 per 30 min. Proceeds go to humane society

Pet or Medium Reading $60 for 60 min.

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Caveat: Please be advised that my services are not a substitute for veterinary care.